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The Buffet Breakfast at Grand Tonic Hotel Marseilles is served from 6.45am to 10am in the Restaurant LMB. You can drink your morning coffee and watch the rising sun from the terrace on the Vieux Port Esplanade.

Hot and cold drinks, fruit juices, mineral water, cereal, yoghurt, fromage blanc and pastries, of course. But also soft boiled or scrambled eggs, ham, bacon, crudités, cheese, different types of bread, jam, fruit salad and fresh fruit – We offer as much Savoury or Sweet food as you may need to make sure that this important meal of the day is both perfect and pleasurable.

Room Service

Rest Assured that our Room Service is fully available from the start of Breakfast at 7am to the closing of the Restaurant at 10pm. – Dial 4002 or Call reception by dialling 9.

Restaurant LMB Marseilles

Restaurant LMB Marseilles is a design restaurant, and window onto the Vieux Port. In this bright and open setting, we offer a cuisine that focuses on local tradition.

Indeed, our Bouillabaisse is prepared using no fewer than four different methods. There is something to suit every palate, from local fish to the highest quality meat. Our cuisine is creative, inspired by Mediterranean tradition, an exciting journey of flavours. Its simplicity reflects that of the surrounding Vieux Port, and you will find the cultural métissage of Marseilles in every dish.

You will feel compelled to return after eating in the comfort and brightness of a room whose atmosphere and clean lines are inspired by the cliff faces of the Calanques, with a pebble wall and splashes of warm colours that change with the seasons; this is the LMB Marseilles, design restaurant and window on to the Vieux Port.

As soon as the first rays of summer sun shine through, the LMB moves out onto the esplanade. You can enjoy the added flavour of views of the surrounding Vieux Port; stimulation for the eyes, palate and ears! Welcome to Marseilles.

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