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Grand Tonic Hôtel Marseille

At the heart of the city of Marseilles, in the Vieux Port, Grand Tonic Hotel Marseilles welcomes you into a bright, open space of contemporary design; 56 rooms, 16 with views over the port, a bar, two naturally lit conference rooms, and Restaurant LMB situated right on the Vieux Port itself.

The choices of décor in the Grand Tonic Hotel Marseilles-Vieux-Port are inspired by the sea and by the Calanques; they play with monochrome tones, from white to brown, which contrast perfectly with the turquoise blue of the sea. Altogether, this creates a clear, fluid atmosphere, in harmony with the Mediterranean environment.

A bit of History

The ancient Vieux Port of Marseilles is a record 2,600 years old.

Such a remarkable history is sure to capture your imagination; the Vieux Port has a wonderful story to tell.

Emperors, religious leaders, merchants, they all fought each other; they conquered, then lost, and finally they shared between them, the beautiful ‘Massilia’, its surroundings and its riches. Imagine the hordes of soldiers stepping down off the boats, in the hope of victory; imagine the haggling over spices and rolls of cloth on the improvised quayside market. You can still feel the sense of wealth and adventure.

It is here that the Tonic Hotel would like to welcome you; today, as it was 2,000 years ago, the Vieux Port is the most popular place in the city, the place where everyone meets, the best-loved promenade. It has been this way for hundreds of generations and for several civilizations, and there is no sign of it ever changing.

A perfect location over the Vieux Port

The Grand Tonic Hotel Marseilles is situated on the Corner of the Vieux Port, at the Heart of Marseilles, looking out over the Mediterranean Sea.

You cannot help but imagine the bustling port with ships arriving from all four corners of the Mediterranean; the Vieux Port is the centre of Marseilles, the most popular place in the city, the place where everyone meets, the best-loved promenade throughout the different ages and civilisations.

From the historic high street La Canebière, to the Pharo, from the basilica of Notre-Dame de la Garde to the Ferryboat for the Islands and Château d’If, you have everything right at your door! To travel further afield, the Vieux Port Metro has connections to every part of the city. Furthermore, our Reception staff are happy to help out and give you advice regarding all aspects of your visit to our wonderful city.